Project T16S

In this section I will outline the work carried out on my T16.

First of all the reason I started the project.

I had always wanted a c900 T16S from when they first came out, obviously then I was only a boy, but I was determined one day I would own one. I managed to pick up this car relatively cheaply as it was not running right. It had failed an MoT for emissions and also the Turbo was not boosting properly. Once I got the car home and started looking at it I managed to rule out sensors one by one. Under closer inspection I realized several pipes on the inlet manifold side of the Turbo were not sealing properly, on resealing these the car's running was much improved, but still not right, there was no turbo boost to speak of.

Fixing the pipework however brought the car into line with the MoT emissions limits and I got the car MoT'd. Now I just had to find the problem with the lack of boost. I already knew the Turbo was OK as you could hear it spinning up as you were driving, and that the fault lay with the APC (Automatic Performance Control) system. The solenoid was not receiving a feed from the APC control unit. I started tracing the wiring back to find where the power stopped and got all the way back to the APC control box in the nearside wing. I unscrewed the box to take it out and check it, and low and behold,the plug fell off. I plugged it back in properly and took the car for a run to test, and the car was now making full boost. So all in all it was a very cheap fix. The only things left to sort out were cold starting and the Cruise control.

The Cruise control I fixed one lunchtime at work, looking under the bonnet again I spotted another vacuum pipe off near to the main Cruise control valves, on reconnecting the Cruise pipe, the system worked again.

This just left the cold start system. I ruled out the Auxiliary Air Valve by borrowing the same valve off my Dad's 900 T8. The next place to look was the coolant temp sensor in the inlet manifold. My mate Leon got me a working sensor, but before I could try it I ran into a problem. I had left the T16 for about 3 days without running, and when I restarted the car it was only running on 3 cylinders. I suspected Spark Plugs, as I didn't know how old they were, as I started to examine I soon discovered that it was not the spark plug at fault, but that no4 cylinder had dropped to 4bar compression. I have decided that this is probably a valve problem and so have put the car off the road in Nov 2002 to cure this problem, but also upgrade the car whilst I'm there. I will detail the work carried out, with photo's, and continually update with the results and modifications carried out.

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